What brought you to CASA?
As a retired mental health therapist, I was interested in volunteering with an organization where I could bring some of my professional experience without the demand of full-time work.  Through my professional work I enjoyed seeing parents grow their parenting skills and do better with help.  The goals of a CASA volunteer seemed a good match.
What has been your most rewarding experience?
Watching a mother step from the edge of giving up on being a parent to reuniting with her daughter.  Shelby* was a young mother struggling with unsafe relationships, living in a variety of places, and lacking a commitment to making changes in her life.  As Shelby's parental rights were about to be terminated, she fought for her daughter.  Shelby actively engaged in therapy, made healthy choices in her relationships, found safe and secure housing, and became a consistent and stable parent.

Your most challenging?
Waiting- Waiting with Kristy* while her mother was unable to meet treatment plan goals and deadlines.  Waiting with Kristy for a foster home.  Waiting with Kristy while her mother's parental rights were terminated.  Waiting with Kristy through a foster placement that didn't work out.  Waiting with Kristy for a new foster home.  Waiting, still waiting with Kristy.

What do you want people to know about CASA?
You can be one of the change agents in the life of a child.  As a trained, caring and committed individual, you will be challenged to listen to diverse perspectives and to be the persistent voice for the child.  It's not always easy.  You may feel pain and disappointment and disagree with some decisions, but in the end, you have given a powerful gift- yourself.

*Names have been changed