Join the Board of Directors

How Do I Become a Board Member?

  1. CONTACT the Helena CASA office 
  2. Complete the online application HERE
  3. Provide three personal/professional references
  4. Participate in a personal interview with a Board member
  5. Complete both CPS and criminal background checks
  6. The Board will review your information and invite you to a meeting for further review
  7. The Board will make a decision about your membership and inform you
  8. A member of the Board will orient you to the Board and the organization with help from the Executive Director of the program.
  9. You will review and sign required forms
  10. You will be available to give 4-10 hours per month of your time

Requirements include:

  • Be 21 years old
  • Be willing to complete necessary background checks, provide references and participate in an interview process
  • Complete the orientation and review and sign all needed forms
  • Have 4-10 hours per month to give for Board meetings, committee meetings and work, special projects the Board undertakes, fund raising and any other activities related to the Board’s roles and responsibilities

We Need You!

The Board of Directors is made up of a diverse group of community citizens; the diversity of the group is based on age, sex, work history and cultural background. The CASA of Lewis & Clark and Broadwater Counties program is managed by the two staff currently employed with over sight by the Board of Directors. The program looks to provide diversity in its membership in all areas; advocates, friends of CASA, staff and Board members.

We would encourage Native American citizens to participate in our Board membership, but also as advocates and friends of CASA. Your input in meeting our mission and goals is important to our program and the children and families that we serve. Help us help you, by sharing your cultural needs and insight into family values and traditions. An educated CASA provides the understanding, support and advocacy to families and children of cultures not our own.