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Additional Chapter Resources

Copyright 2017 by National CASA Association. Using these resources for any purpose other than Advocate Training and/or by anyone other than an enrolled Training Advocate is prohibited.

Chapter 1

Evidence of CASA's Effectiveness - National CASA Website

Making a Lifelong Difference (video)

Chapter 2

Meeting with a Parent (video)

Chapter 3

Shane (video)

ACE Study (video)

1st Impressions (video)

Interviewing a 4-Year-Old With Annotations - Must enable Adobe Flash Player. Watch without annotations first, then rewatch with annotations.

Centers for Disease Control ACE Study - Learn more about the original CDC/Kaiser ACE study including definitions, study demographics, and major findings.

Chapter 4

Local Community Resources - Links to our "Community Resources" tab in the "Resources" dropdown.

Confidentiality/Social Media/Conflict of Interest Documents - see files above.

Chapter 5

Saving Kids - Billings, MT News (video)

National Survey on Drug Use and Health - Resource for population, substance abuse, mental health, behavior health, and census statistics in the United States.

Chapter 6

Sorting People Exercise (PBS) - Try your hand at "sorting" individuals and see if it matches how people think of themselves.

Lisa 911 Call (video)

Why We Stayed (video)

Chapter 7

How Resilience is Built (video)

Aging Out (video)

Chapter 8

Childhood Reflections (audio)

More Resources on Resilience - from the National Resilience Resource Center LCC

Randy's Story: Digital Stories from the Field - from the National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections