Change a Child's Story: CASA Stories

Each of our advocates work hard to change the story for the children they serve. "Luke" was assigned to CASA Advocate Julie after he was removed from his home as a baby due to numerous domestic violence calls to his home.  He went to one foster home temporarily and then was placed with a second.  His father chose to relinquish his rights to him in the process.

Meanwhile, Luke’s mother got pregnant and had another child.  Luke’s new sister, "Angie", was immediately removed due to concerns with the mother and placed in the foster home with Luke. Angie was assigned to Julie as well. Several trial home visits were not successful, and Luke and Angie’s mother eventually relinquished her rights to the children as well.  Luke’s grandmother made attempts to adopt the children, but proved to also be unfit to provide a safe home for them.  Julie advocated for the children throughout the case, and eventually recommended to the Judge that both children stay in their foster home where the parents were eager to adopt them and provide a loving and permanent home.  After 5 long years on the case, Julie was thrilled to see Luke and Angie adopted by their new forever family. 

While Julie describes the experience as emotional and at times exhausting and heart wrenching, she is happy to know the children are in a happy home with lots of land to run, bike, and play.  She says they are thriving, safe, and most of all, loved.  Julie has continued to be a presence in their lives.  She was recently invited to a birthday party and was able to catch up and see how they’d grown.